Mind Stream

Draw Bézier Curve

Try to draw bezier curve in InDesign with Extendscript.

Generate Sierpinski Triangle by InDesign Extendscripts

InDesign Extendscripts Art, I try to generate Sierpinski Triangle using InDesign Extendscripts. It is fun.

Insert Inline Image

How to insert inline image in textFrame?

Create Table

Oct 2015 Calendar with InDesign Table Object by Extendscripts

Count up how many textframes in an IDML file

Read Spreads/*.xml in an IDML file, and count up textframe elements.

How to get page-width and page-height from an IDML file

I will show you how to get page width and height value in an IDML file.

Count up how many spreads in an IDML file

Read designmap.xml in an IDML file, and count up spread elements.

Drag Label on HTML Canvas

Client Side Javascript example.

Find cluster with edge

It is a point to apply mosaic filter before clustering.

Apply mosaic filter to an image

I try to apply mosaic filter to this image by using javascript.

Color Palette with HTML Canvas

I want Color Picker but it is hard to create color scheme...

Transform Rectangle with 3x3 Matrix

Transforming rectangle with matrix experiments.